Tue. May 24th, 2022

Candidates appearing in ISSB has to go through Initial Tests. The initial test comprises Academic, Verbal Intelligence and Non-Verbal Intelligence Test.

The post is developed for the preparation of Academic Test. The Academic Test for all the forces is quite similar and consists various subjects such as Islamiat, Pak Study, English, Mathematics, Basic Physics and Chemistry, General Knowledge.

Pak Army, Navy & Air Force Online Test


Good Luck!!!

Good Luck!!!

Academic Test 1

Islamic Test 2

Pak Army, Navy & Air Force Online Test. Candidates can attempt these tests to score high in their initial test.

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Who built the Badshahi Masjid?

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In Ghazwa Khandaq the Trench was ______.

3 / 10

Who gave the idea of Trench in (Ghazwa Khandaq)?

4 / 10

Which continent is known as dark continent?

5 / 10

How many madni Surah are there?

6 / 10

Muhammad bin Qasim defeated the ________.

7 / 10

Total number of Rakuh in Quran are ____.

8 / 10

Which is the largest desert of the world?

9 / 10

How many makki Surah are there?

10 / 10

When was the Qur'an first revealed?

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The average score is 26%


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