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ISSB Command Task is part of GTO Out door Task. It is one of the most interesting and important GTO Tasks. In this test, you are commander and you have to accomplish the given task within time.
In this test, your commanding abilities are judged by GTO.

There are a lot of tasks in ISSB centre, GTO selects a task for every candidate. If you performed well in the GTO Tasks, the task given by GTO to you may be more challenging. There are also simple Tasks. These types of Tasks are alloted to weak candidate.

Procedure of Command Task:

The GTO call each candidate one by one. There will be short talk( you can say as GTO interview). After the GTO interview, he will brief you about the Task. He will give you a time to make a plan. Time given by GTO may be of 2 minutes to 3 minutes. After that, he will ask you to called your group mates.

When your group mates come, he will tell you that your time has been started.

In GTO Interview, he will mostly asked about your merits and demerits, Geographic Location of some countries and some questions related to your bio data form.

Purpose of the Command Task:

Purpose of the command task is to assess-

  • Commanders leadership qualities
  • ability to plan and execute the task
  • reaction to setbacks and failures
  • how he face stress and discomfort
  • acceptability by group mates
  • willingness and body language

In command Task, you are observed by GTO as commander and sub ordinate. He will observe, how you can utilize the resources and make  a plan. In command Task, he will observe, your behavior with your team mates as a commander and as subordinate to your commander. In this test, you are checked by GTO, how you behave in stress and difficulty. How you can brief a task to your group.

For a successful command Task, you have to listen the GTO instructions carefully and keep in mind the points told by the GTO. Explain the idea to solve the task to group carefully and explain all the rules to them in short.
Make your plan and explain it to your team. Make sure your team have understood what is in your mind. Exercise proper control over your team and correct them if they do something wrong or break any rule by mistake. But while doing so be polite and humble in your approach.

In Short-Tips and Guidelines ( Command Task) :

While GTO explaining the task listen it carefully. Never allow nervousness to overpower you as your intelligence shall not work when nervous. Do not harsh and rude to your Sub ordinates. While you are stuck somewhere in the command task, you should take suggestions from the sub ordinates. You should be cooperative and helper to sub ordinate.

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