Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Diagrammatic Puzzle Verbal Intelligence Test

General Instructions

Candidates appearing for any test that consists Verabl Intelligence Tests can learn how to solve it, by preparing the following different types of Verbal Intelligence Tests.

Different Types of Verbal Intelligence Tests

Following are the 20 Types of Verbal Intelligence Tests which are used to test the inborn mental efficiency or the capacity to react favourably or find solutions to problems of an unfamiliar and novel nature.

17th:     Diagrammatic Puzzle Tests

In this type of test Candidates are required to tick the correct answer of the given statements.

(1)       How many cubes are there in the diagram below?

(a)       16
(b)       10
(c)       8
(d)       6
Ans: (b)

(2)       Some capital letters are placed on one another. Examine the following figure carefully and write the number of letters.

(a)       4
(b)       6
(c)       5
(d)       7
Ans: (b)

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