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What is an Essay Writing

An essay is written to deliver your thoughts about a specific topic. Once you have delivered your thoughts, you support it with facts, statements and explanation.

Types of an Essay Writing

There are couple of types of an Essay Writing that people use around the world. The main and the basic Types of an Essay are four that are described bellow:
Expository Essay Writing:   In this type of Essay Writing the writer tries to make his reader agree with his thoughts and perspective. Whereas, the writer investigates the ideas, researches and write the thesis statement in this type of Essay Writing.Examples:
1)   Explain why a teacher has to be polite.
2)   Explain a true leader.
3)   Explain why do you want to join Pakistan Armed forces.

Descriptive Essay Writing:   In this type of Essay Writing, the writer makes an image in his mind and describe his feelings, situations and experiences.Examples:
1)   Describe a place you would always love to visit.
2)   Describe strangest individual you ever met.

Narrative Essay Writing:   In this type of Essay Writing, you have to write about a moment or an event that you have experienced. Basically, you tell a story to the reader.Examples:
1)   Your favourite winter vacation.
2)   Your first day of school
3)   Unforgetable incident of your life.

Argumentative Essay Writing:   In this type of Essay Writing, you have to write about the two sides of a given topic. Whereas, sometimes you have to kept balance in between them and sometimes you have to support the one of them in your writing.Examples:
1)   Should a leader to be polite.
2)   Should we declare war against our enemies.

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Structure of an Essay

An Essay contains three main parts that are Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

  1. Introduction:   In Introduction you talk/write about the background of your topic and a couple of characteristics. These characterstics will be supported by the body of your Essay.
  2. Body:   The Body contains couple of paragraphs that you used in the favor of your introduction.
  3. Conclusion:   In Conclusion you are supposed to write summary of your Essay. Most probably it supports the introductioin with the help of explained paragraphs in the body of your Essay.

Basic Principles / Techniques to Write an Essay in ISSB

  •    It’s not possible to know all the topics that comes in any exam specially in ISSB topics of essay writing.
  •    But it’s possible to make things creative, which means make your writing creative.
  •    First of all try to understand the given topic.
  •    Once you have understood, start with brainstorming.
  •    Brainstorming means writing down on a piece of paper, whatever comes to your mind regarding the given topic.
  •    Write a couple of key words/statements for your introduction.
  •    Once you have written down the key words for the introduction them support those ideas with some of the other ideas that will be included in the paragraphs and would support your introduction.
  •    Always mention only single aspect in a paragraph and write related to your topic.
  •    Take care of the allowed time i.e 20 mins to write around 120 to 150 words.
  •    Try to cover maximum topics irrespective of the nature, Which means even if it belongs to the ISSB concerned topics or not.
  •    To practice these topics follow the instruction mentioned above.
  •    While practice if you think you don’t know about the topic, google that or discuss with others, this is the process which would help you building your knowledge.
  •    As it’s always easy to write about the topic you have some idea about.
  •    Always try to use correct grammatical structure + build your vocabulary by reading books or newspapers.

Example of Essay Write in ISSB

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