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This article will be helpful to the candidates appearing for their ISSB Test. After submitting the ISSB Form, You have to wait for the ISSB Call Letter. You have to give your ISSB test on a date given to you on a Call letter. You have to carry your Call Letter with you along with original CNIC Or B-Form. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to give ISSB Test.

First Day/Arrival Day:

First Day, You have to fill your Bio-data forms. This is the day, when your documents are checked by ISSB staff . Whereas, The candidates, wo failed to bring their documents will not be allowed to stay at ISSB Centre.













Second Day:

Similarly, second day starts with Psychological Tests, Firstly candidates will take the screening test. Secondly, Screening test will take place whic includes Intelligence Test and Mechanical Aptitude Tests. Whereas, the candidates which are unable to pass the screening tests are not allowed for the further tests. After screening Tests, Psychologists will take the Personality Test and These Test Includes the following;

  • Words Association Test
  • Sentence Completion Test
  • Thematic Appreciation Test
  • Pointer Story Writing
  • Bio- Data Form with description of given events from your Life

Third Day:

Third Day is your GTO Day. On third day, your whole batch is divided into groups containing 7 to 12 candidates under the different GTO’s and they will allot another chest numbers. On third Day, GTO will take your Indoor Tasks. He will take you to a room and conduct the introduction first. He will also brief you about all the GTO Tasks, which will be conducted by him.GTO Indoor Task include the following Tasks;

  • Group Discussion
  • Lecturette Topics
  • Group Planning

Following are the outdoor tasks taken on third day;

  • Progressive Group Task
  • Half Group Tasks

On third day, you will be interviewed by the Deputy/ Psychologist.

Fourth Day:

Fourth Day is the last day of GTO Tasks. On fourth Day, GTO will tests you in the outdoor tasks.

  • Individual Obstacles
  • Command Tasks
  • Group Task

On fourth day, some candidates will be interviewed by the Deputy or some by the Psychologists.

Fifth Day/Conference Day:

Fifth Day will be the last day for candidates of ISSB. On this day, meeting will be held between GTO’s, Psychologists and Deputy with the Commandant. Candidates performance is discussed and their result is prepared. After all the candidates are allowed to leave the ISSB.

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