Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

GTO Tasks in ISSB: Final Group Task

The Final Group Task (FGT) is the last task in the GTO, it’s also conducted by the whole group just like Progressive Group Task. This task is lengthy and somewhat more difficult. Hence, more time is assigned to plan and complete this task. All the rules , principles and instructions are same as that of Progressive Group Task (PGT).

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Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Final Group Task

Never look at the GTO while performing the tasks.

Deliver helpful and applicable ideas to the group if you don’t know any idea just help the idea givers truthfully.

Never violate the rules it is the basic of GTO tasks, and in case if you violate the rule or make and foul, just repeat the task.

Be an active participant in the team by giving your full cooperation.

Be positive in your views i.e. appreciate the inputs of other candidates ideas if it is finer than yours.

Moreover must read the tips of PGT, half group task and command task to improve your final group task.

FGT provides you the last opportunity to perform well if you failed to perform good enough in the previous tasks.

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