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initial and final medical

Question concerning the Preliminary and Final Medical Exam for the Army should be asked here. Feel free to ask any question.

Here’s what goes around:

Initial Medical

1) Minimum Height – 5 feet 4 inches

2) Wieght – As per BMI (Body Mass Index) Chart. It is available over the net, check it out as per you age, height and build.

3)Eyesight – 6/6 with glasses.

4) Should not be color blind

5) No apparant phisical defect.

6) Yes you would have to go naked. Primarily to check that you have not grown breats or something to the effect. A guy would also inspect your gentials with his hands (though not every time) espacially the testicles.

Final Medical (after clearance of ISSB)

1) All the above mentioned checks would be redone.

2) Chest X-ray

3) Blood picture

4) Urine test

5) A visit to ENT specialist – He will ‘look into’ your ears for ear drum damage etc.

6) A visit to Surgical and Medical specialist.

7) Yep, you would have to go naked again. This time you will also be required to do things like bending over, showing our behind to the doc and coughing.

Any further questions, feel free to ask

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