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GTO Tasks in ISSB: Group Discussion (GD)

GTO conducts the Group Tasks, the first task among these tasks is Group Discussion (GD). ISSB Group Discussion topic is provided to the group of candidates where they have to undergo in an informal friendly discussion based on the ISSB GD topics.

Similarly, Candidates don’t need to come on a common conclusion. You are free to present disagreement till the end of discussion based on their personal thoughts about given ISSB GD topics. Here, the candidates in the group are free to present their views either formally or informally. All the candidates are taking part in discussion actively and commenting something that is related with given ISSB GD topics is noticed by the GTO. Therefore, candidate has to be creative enough to take part in GD.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Group Discussion (GD)

  • Gather information while being an active listener in social network.
  • Make a habit of using social networking sites and watching news channels in order to have basic knowledge of current event happening around.
  • Be an active communicator and it’s only possible when you listen and speak at the appropriate time, using easy-to-understand English and expressing ideas in the group in as simple manner as possible.
  • Respect other candidate’s views on ISSB GD topics and analyze accordingly to reply.
  • Not having knowledge on ISSB GD topics is not a big issue. Candidate who doesn’t have any information may not be able start the discussion. But, this doesn’t mean his/her participation is over, all he/she needs to is listen what others are talking catch the keywords and present a general idea on those keywords.
  • It’s better to generate your own ideas about the topic. If you are unable to do that, actively listen others. After analyzing their ideas, deliver your own thoughts about all you heard.
  • Don’t just copy their lines or deliver what others have already said. Candidate has to be creative enough to general his own ideas.
  • Deliver positive remarks about the topic.
  • Avoid criticizing others.
  • Avoid narrating negative remarks.
  • Try speaking at first, second or third, although speaking at the end is not bad participation is necessary.
  • Speak again where possible(with solid points).
  • Avoiding looking at GTO.
  • Talk confidently (irrespective of your English grammar as it’s not grammar test) to the whole group while looking in the eyes of each candidate.
  • Must accept criticism with open mind.
  • Be cooperative.


  1. Merits and Demerits of Population
  2. Pakistan’s Internal Situation
  3. India’s and Other Countries Internal Situation
  4. The Role of NGO’s
  5. Dowry System in any Culture
  6. Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  7. Honor Killing
  8. Capital Punishment
  9. ISIS (Daesh)
  10. Gambling
  11. Role of Pakistan in UN
  12. Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage
  13. Child Labor
  14. Influence of Western Culture
  15. Pakistan’s Relation with (xyz country)
  16. Kashmir Conflicts
  17. Democracy vs Sharia
  18. Sex Education
  19. Mobile Phones
  20. Cyber Crimes
  21. Internet and It’s Uses


  1. Women in Pak Armed Forces
  2. Use of Mobile Phones, is it a requirement/fashion?
  3. CPEC and it’s Importance
  4. Hijab is a Source of Confidence? Hijab se confidence barhta hay?
  5. Importance of Pakistan in the Asian Region
  6. Ways to control Inflation
  7. Co Education is Necessary or not?
  8. Which is Important? Democracy or Dictatorship.
  9. Is War the Only Solution to Kashmir Conflict?
  10. We should allow Women to get education or not?
  11. Pakistan Judicial System
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