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GTO Tasks in ISSB: Group Planning (GP)

Group Planning or Military Planning is the third GTO Indoor Task. In this Task, GTO will give a situation on model placed on the table to solve. This test is basically to identify and observe the planning ability of a candidate.

Here a candidate must consider that it is a group task not an individual task. So the complete group needs to participate and work like a team in order to achieve the effective output of the planning. Candidates ability to work in team and his/her efforts are judged and graded. Therefore, all the candidates have to work being part of the team.

Procedure of ISSB Group Planning in GTO Task

After completing the Group Discussion and Self Speech Lecturette Topic, GTO will proceed with Group Planning Test. There will be a table in GTO room placed in-front of the GTO chair. GTO will uncover the table as he will continue with Group Planning Task. There will be a model under the cover of table. GTO will brief the candidates about the situations and overall rules for Group Planning. Afterwards, GTO will assign some time to plan the situation and achieve higher degree of success.

GTO Group Planning in ISSB test is a simple group test. Model in the Group Planning have structure of bridges, roads, lakes, hellos, forests, houses, hospitals, ambulances, schools, vehicles and some other structures.

What is checked in Group Planning?

Group Planning Task is mainly to judge/observe the following things;

  • Power and ability of doing work in Team.
  • Power and ability to quickly understand the situation.
  • Finding the solution of problem and the way of expressing the solution.
  • Reasoning ability and Power of convincing others with arguments and suggestions.
  • Decision making ability of a candidate in Limited Time.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Group Planning (GP)

  • Listen carefully when GTO explain the Model of Group Planning Indoor Task.
  • Participate actively and put your best to come to a conclusion.
  • Don’t hesitate to give suggestion.
  • Always try to be gentle never be selfish.
  • Discuss shortly on a problem and give chance rest of the candidates to do their part.
  • Deliver your points confidently.
  • Do not interrupt other candidates discussion and listen them carefully.
  • If a candidate describes his plan about a problem and you observe that his plan won’t work. Suggest the candidate gently without criticizing him.
  • Be open minded to accept the arguments and suggestions of others.
  • If someone discourage your plan. Be gentle and Listen to him/her if you think your plan is valid try to prove it being effective in your communication skills with solid reasons otherwise try another solution.
  • You must strive for winning the distinction of being the spokesman of the group.

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