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GTO Tasks in ISSB: Progressive Group Task (PGT)

PGT is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules. To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G.T.O. i.e. Drum, Balli (wooden log), Plank, and rope to tie these. The difficulty of the task increases from one obstacle to another in a progressive manner. So it is named as Progressive Group Task.

Procedure of ISSB Progressive Group Task

After the completion of the Indoor Task, GTO will assign particular time to the group to change into PT Kit. Here, candidates are supposed to wear white shirt, white nicker along with white joggers.

After changing into PT Kit, candidates have to come to the task area along with their group members. Staff in the Task area of ISSB will make sequence of all the groups.

All the GTOs will come in sequence and take their group with them to Task Area. When your GTO (Group Testing Officer) comes, you have to follow him and he will lead you towards the Task Area. After reaching there, GTO will brief about the rules to be followed during ISSB GTO Outdoor Tasks. Afterwards, GTO will ask for any query about the briefed instructions.

Afterwards, GTO will pass instructions about Progressive Group Task. Usually the PGT is divided into three parts. First part is easier than the rest of two stages. The difficulty level increases as you lead to the third task.

Assigned time for the Progressive Group Task is nearly forty minutes. GTO will instruct only one time before the start of the task for all the stages. So, candidates have to listen the GTO very carefully, attentively and note the points told by GTO.

Candidates have to complete this task with the help of group members within assigned time. GTO may allow more/less time depending on performance of the group and individuals. Try completing the task following all the rules.

In progressive Group Task of ISSB and rest of the outdoor tasks except individual obstacles, there is a starting line and finishing line in between of these lines there are different structures. Candidates will have the helping materials which include-rope,plank (small or large or both small and large plank), drums, ropes and bamboo.

Candidates have to utilize all the helping materials and resources to complete the task within assigned time and along with all the group members safely.

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Rules Defined By the GTO In ISSB Progressive Group Task

GTO Observations

PGT is the first GTO Outdoor Task, where GTO will observe performance of each candidate. His observations include overall interaction/co-operation with team, behavior towards team members, ability to direct and influence team members etc.

The GTO observes the physical fitness of candidates as the PGT is a lengthy Outdoor Task with multiple obstacles. Candidate’s emotions are judged when he/she is unable to utilize the resources or how he/she would make the resources useful in order to complete the task.

GTO Progressive Group Task is important Task for you to show your leadership qualities.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Progressive Group Task (PGT)

  • Half group task is most important task for you, if you have not performed well in the previos tasks. The main thing of this Task is to test your ability of commanding and cooperation. It is a good chance for you to express your abilities.
  • It will be good for candidate to follow these guidelines;
  • Be natural.
  •  As soon as the GTO says that you may start quickly reach to the starting line near the helping. Don’t be lazy show some sense of activeness.
  •  When you’ll be quick enough it’ll be an advantage for you only because then you’ll be able to catch hold of any of the helping material.
  •  Candidate must plan before starting the task.
  •  As soon as finish with planning candidate must take the plank or bamboo or drum or the rope in your hand and start the work immediately.
  •  While candidate make bridges he/she must ask other group members to help him/her and not try to do it on your own.
  •  Similarly is other candidates are building bridge must support him by your ideas and physical help.
  •  Do not just stand aside and watch the other members doing it, you should participate to illustrate the team spirit.
  •  Volunteer to cross the bridge first and encourage others to cross it as well. If anybody is hesitating then you must motivate them and help them in crossing.
  •  While working and encouraging others you must be loud enough because your voice must reach the GTO at least and he’ll think that you are involved.
  •  You must look working the entire time try not to remain idle for a single second.
  •  When the GTO is giving the directions he might ask you that okay now I’ll tell you the rules for PGT, does anybody knows the rule? Then please do not act over smart and say ‘Yes’, because this is the first Outdoor task you are blank on the rules as of now.
  •  Follow all the GTO rules, as mentioned above the color rule, jumping and throwing, ground rules (in-bound or out-of-bound).
  •  Do not ask the GTO silly questions like how much distance is 3-4 feet, as you should have that much sense.
  •  The GTO will even ask your group that how much time you’ll need to complete the task, do not say 30 minute or 35 minute, tell 1 hour he’ll bargain for 40-45 minute.
  •  You should be active in Task.
  •  If a candidate has good idea or suggestion to solve the task, then share it with your group members.
  •  Do not shout on your team members and do not throw the helping material etc.
  •  Do not break the rules and if you are breaking any you have infinite chance to correct it, there is no penalty hence if you happen to break a rule then you must repeat the task again. Candidates must possess the attribute of Honesty.
  •  Wait till all the members have crossed.
  •  Do not look at the GTO all the time.
  •  DO not give up easily, keep on motivating your team members and encouraging them to perform.
  •  Candidate’s behavior with the team members should be polite, effective and gentle.
  •  If candidate don’t have effective suggestion/idea to solve the task, then avoid sharing these useless ideas/suggestions. Allow and help other candidates who have valuable ideas to tackle the situation/obstacle.
  •  Never violate the rules it may lead towards not-recommendation.

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