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GTO Tasks in ISSB: Half Group Task (HGT)

In progressive group task, all the members of the group take part to complete the task. But in the Half Group Task, group members which are usually 8 to 10 in numbers, are divided into 2 or 3 sub groups. Half Group Task and Progressive Group Task in ISSB are similar, but the difference is that the Half Group Task has a Short Task as compared to Progressive Group Tasks and in the Half Group Task in ISSB all the members of the group does not take part altogether. They took part in sub groups.

In half Group Task, all the sub groups have to face the same task to complete. This Task is almost similar to Progressive Group Task and Command Task. You have to follow the same Rules as of GTO progressive Task. You have to carry the material with yourself and cross the finishing line with the materials.

Half Group Task is the second chance to show your qualities of Team work and ability to influence other group mates. Half Group Task is best to express your abilities. It is possible that you have not expressed your leader like qualities in previous tasks (Group Discussion, Lecture Topics and Progressive Group Task) because of the presence of other brilliant candidates who dominates you and others in previous task.

So Half Group Task will be a good time to show your abilities and put forth your ideas by performing better in Half Group Task to GTO. If GTO has not made a good assessment on the basis of your performance in previous task, then your Performance in GTO Half Group Task will impress your GTO to change the assessment towards you.

GTO Observations in Half Group Task

As in the Half Group Task, number of candidates is reduced. It will make the GTO to observe you and your team mates to observe minutely and thoroughly. It is important task for GTO as well as for candidate. After the Half Group Task, the GTO will form a clear cut assessment about every candidate and he confirms his finding in the next tasks.

GTO may check your Team Work, Responsibility and Planing Ability. In Half Group Task in ISSB, GTO can observe minutely to your responses towards failure and hurdles. He will also observe your following of rules.



Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Half group task (HGT)

  • Listen carefully when GTO explain the Rules.
  • Participate actively and co-operate with team mates.
  • Never look at the G.T.O while doing the tasks.
  • Don’t hesitate to give suggestion but don’t be over smart.
  • Give a good idea to the group if you don’t know any idea just helps the idea givers truthfully.
  • Never violate the rules it is the basis of G.T.O tasks, and in case if you violate the rule, just repeat the task.
  • Be positive in your views i.e. take consideration about other member ideas if it is finer than yours.
  • Do not interrupt other candidates discussion and listen them carefully.
  • If a candidate describes his plan about a problem and you observe that his plan won’t work. Suggest the candidate gently without criticizing him.
  • Be open minded to accept the arguments and suggestions of others.
  • If someone discourage your plan. Be gentle and Listen to him/her if you think your plan is valid try to prove it being effective in your communication and actions.
  • If you have no idea of tackling the obstacle, be a faithful follower and if your group is caught in an obstacle, make use of the Golden opportunity and explain a constructive plan to negotiate the obstacle. Remember, never try to impose yourself to the group. Let the group be depended on you
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