Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
issb online mock test

We are grateful to Almighty Allah for introducing the Mock Test for the rising stars of our beloved motherland. These tests are based on real time timings and environment to prepare well for Initial Tests of Pakistan Navy, Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force. The candidates, who are interested in joining the Pak Armed Forces can appear in these Mock Tests to have basic idea about the Initial Test. The candidates would also experience the pressure and competition they face during the Initial Test, which will ultimately boost their moral as well as motivation to work harder to beat their competitors and achieve their goals.

How To Take ISSB Online Mock Test ?

  • The MOCK TEST will be given in three portions.
    • Academic Test.
    • Verbal Intelligence Test.
    • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test.
  • Candidates can take the MOCK TEST only on the defined timings.
  • These timings will be posted on our website (Dates and Timings will be given).
  • Candidates have to follow the timings as they do in the Selection Centers.
  • Candidates will be competing with other candidates through-out the country.
  • It is advisable to the candidates, to prepare well before you appear in the MOCK TEST.
  • Candidates can prepare themselves by going through the tests given in our main menu bar.

Follow These Steps to Appear in ISSB Online MOCK TEST

  • The candidates have to visit the ISSB Online Academic Mock Test, ISSB Online Verbal Intelligence Test, and ISSB Online Non-Verbal Intelligence Test in order to appear in the test. (Follow the timings otherwise candidates wouldn’t be able to take part in the exam).
  • Click on the given link of each test prior 10 minutes and test will begin exactly on the Start Time after which no candidate would be able to join the test.
  • Once a candidate click on the link.
  • The candidate will have the following screen.
    • issb online mock test practice
    • Simply continue with Google or create a new account. (Candidates taking this exam on mobile can download the Quizizz App to have best experience).
    • It’s advisable that create an account on Quizizz prior you take our MOCK TEST.
    • Candidates only have to sign-up for one time and then they can appear in our MOCK TEST every-time we Schedule it.
  • Once a candidate is logged into the Quizizz. They will have following screen.
    • Click on Start Button and candidate will have the following screen, sound effects and music are optional.
    • Once a candidate start the test he/she will have the following screen.
      • On this screen candidate will be able to see the number of other candidates participating.
      • Here a candidate should wait for the Mock Test to be started (Test will start on scheduled time which will be given on our website, every candidate should be on this screen prior 10 minutes of start time).
  • Once the Mock Test is started candidate should start taking the test and enjoy our services, regards.
  • At the end of the test candidate will have the test summary, using which they can setup their goal to score well next time in the test.
  • The Leader Board will be posted on our Mock Test Leaderboard. Candidate should visit it to know if they are on this board. Taking our test candidate will be able to analyze their standings, determine their performance to know why and how they fail in the Initial Tests.
  • Good Luck For the Bright Future.
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