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GTO Tasks in ISSB: Self Speech

Self speech/ lecturette in ISSB is the part of GTOs Task. Personality and public speaking skills of a candidate is judged in this task. Self Speech is a small speech or talk by a candidate. A topic is assigned by GTO to deliver speech for minimum two minutes. Here, candidates have the opportunity to impress GTO by presenting his/her good personality.

GTO expectation from candidate during the self speech are;

  • Good expressions,
  • Better body language.
  • Fluency and confidence.

Being knowledgeable always has an upper-hand on the performance and to do so candidates must make himself/herself information savvy on current affair or events.

Firstly GTO will assign the topic and ask for doubts, if candidate heard the topic clearly. 

Then, GTO will ask the candidate to go outside and prepare the topic. Ongoing outside candidate would tell the candidate already outside to go in and deliver the speech. This process will continue until the complete group would not deliver the speech.

Tips to prepare for GTO Tasks in ISSB: Self Speech

  • Each candidate is supposed to deliver speech (lecturette in ISSB) for two minutes at least on which good scoring is based including above mentioned expectation of GTO. Acquire knowledge about frequently asked topics and burning issues in Pakistan and the world.
  • Be confident while delivering self speech.
    Maintain the body language while delivering lecturette, show minimum body moments including hand gestures and leg moments.
  • Always be communicative in friends circle as it helps becoming bold and fluent.
  • Actively participant in social networking it enhances information and communication skills.
  • Prepare in front of mirror, friends and family, ask them pros and cons of the performance for further improvements.
  • Use accurate pronunciation and words try to articulate sentence in an impressive manner.
  • Avoid very silly mistakes of grammar like his-her, she-he, has-had these mistakes will get noticed very easily and leave a bad impression.
  • Keep the lecture in short memory cards in mind while preparing the topic and unfold them in sequence while delivering the lecture.
Important Lecturete Topics

Start practicing the following activities in order to improve your GTO Task


  • Keep a good posture, stand straight with shoulders back, relaxed and feet shoulder width apart.
  • Do not cross your arms, put your hands in your pocket or slouch.
  • Face the audience as much as possible and keep your body open.


  • Relaxed and deep breaths ensure that your voice holds power and can project before entering the room.
  • Use slow and measured breathing to pace your speech, pause to emphasize key points.


  • Use hand gestures to emphasize your words
  • Keep the audience’s attention by varying your gestures, incorporating your head, arms and hands.
  • Use positive gestures to sway your audience.


  • Moving from face to face, making eye contact while speaking to engage the audience.
  • When answering an audience member’s question maintain eye contact, this conveys sincerity and credibility.


  • Watch the speeches of our military leaders and observe their facial expression, try to make those expressions.
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