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What’s Situation Reaction Test

In our daily life, we face a lot of uncommon, new and uncertain situations. Whereas, there’s a need to understand these situations and find a way to solve them. This is what we call The Reaction to a Situation.

In order to be an Officer in the Pak Armed Forces you must have an idea about there lives. The Pak Armed Forces officers encounter various situations that are new and of uncommon nature. They are always vigilant, alert and quick enough to react these situations.

Total Number of Questions of Situation Reaction Test in ISSB

There are going to be 05 Questions in the Situation Reaction Test. Each question will be displayed on the Screen. The Time Allowed to solve each question will be 02 mins. The total time to solve all the questions will be 10 mins

Types of Situation Reaction Test in ISSB

Losing Something: It reffers to the Situations where one can lose his Parents, Relatives, Friends, Marks/GPA in Exam, Health, Books, Lugguage etc.

Accidents/Incidents: It points out to the various situations indicatings accidents such as, Road Accident, Flood, Short Circuit, Fire etc.

Looting/Decoits/Figthting: It indicates Situations where one can be looted, scammed etc.

Illegal Activities: It reffers to the Situations where one is involved/ find anyone else invloved in many of the Illegal Activities we also call them Immoral Activities such as Lying, Steeling, Violation of Rules, Over Speed, No License, Harassment, Bribe, Curruption etc.

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Examples of Situation Reaction Test in ISSB

Explanation of the Example of Situtation Reaction Test in ISSB

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Tips to Solve the Situation Reaction Test in ISSB

  • Always try to Explore yourself (Sit alone and think, what ever you did uptil now) and improve yourself if necessary.
  • Once you Explore Yourself try to generate different Situation that could posibily be happen.
  • Try to React on these Situations (Candidates can do this by imagining but it would be better if you write it!).
  • Once you have Reacted on a Generated Situation or Situation you find from different sources. Try to find a way, where you can perform even better than you have just performed.
  • Repeat the same pattern unless you find don’t find a way to make it better any more.
  • As the complete ISSB is being taken in english. Hence, try to improve your vocabulary and grammar.
  • Try writting to the point and on the mentioned situation.
  • Make sure you complete your reaction within time.
  • Don’t left the reaction incomplete.
  • Never copy others ideas as they can’t benefit you rather cause you to get not recommended.
  • Always react to a situation as you would have in actual.
  • Don’t be hero, means react being sensible and mature person.
  • Always try to improve yourself by looking at others good qualities, but show off/ be an imposter.


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