Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023
Pakistan Air Force Offers Commission in the following Categories:
  1. Permanent Commission In:
    1. General Duties Pilot.
    2. Aeronautical Engineering.
    3. Air Defence.
    4. Admin And Special Duties Branches.
  2. Short Service Commission In:
    1. Generl Duties Pilot (Female).
    2. Air Defence.
    3. Admin & Special Duties Branches.
    4. Logistics Branch.
    5. Accounts Branch.
    6. MET Branches.
    7. Information Technology Branches.
  3. Special Purpose Short Service Commission (SPSSC) In:
    1. Engineering Branch.
    2. Education Branches.
  4. SPSSC Combat Support Course Medical Branches In:
    1. Medical Branch Specialists.
    2. Medical Branch GDMOs.
    3. Medical Branch Dental Surgeon.
  5. Note:Click any of the above mentioned category to get the complete information, in case of any querry comment below.
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