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Eligibility Criteria for Pakistan Navy Education Branch Lateral Entry

  1. As mentioned below with minimum 70% marks/ equivalent CGPA or above preferable.
  2. Note:Read the Latest Advertisement as requirements changes.
  3. Gender:Male.
  4. Height:5’4″.
  5. Nationality: Citizens of Pakistan.
  6. Age:Upto 32 Yrs for Lt & Upto 36 Yrs for Lt Cdr (On Mentioned Date).

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  1. Higher qualification/ equivalent experience will be preferred.
  2. For 18 Yrs Education, MS/MBA/MPhil/ME should be in smae discipline that of BS/BE/BBA or any relevant sub discipline.
  3. Candidates with different disciplines at Graduation (16 Yrs) and at Masters (18 Yrs) level must have MS/MPhil equivalences from HEC.
  4. Experience will be calculated on jobs performed in relevant field after Post Graduation (16 Yrs) education excluding intern-ships.
  5. Self employement, free lancing and tuition etc will not be taken as experience.
  6. Experience should be verifiable through supporting documents/ experience certificate from concerned institutions/ departments.

Selection Process For Pakistan Navy Education Branch Lateral Entry

Selection process is commenced with the publication of the advertisement in the news papers. The steps of the same are as under:

  1. Online registration.
  2. Computer Based test/e-testing will be on the following subjects:
    1. Intelligence Test
    2. Academic Test (Relevant subjects).
  3. Only short listed candidates can take application form for further recruitment formalities.
  4. Preliminary Medical/Interview: Application Form will be issued to those candidates who qualify entrance test Preliminary Medical and Interview will be conducted at respective PNR & SC.
  5. Candidates who clear the personality test will undergo for interviews with PN Selection Board.
  6. Medical Examination of personality test Recommended will be at PN Hospitals/CMHs.
  7. Interview by PN Selection Board.
  8. Final Selection on merit at NHQ.

Ineligibility Criteria for Pakistan Navy Education Branch Lateral Entry

  1. Rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board:
    1. Twice after Post Graduate.
    2. Twice before Post Graduate and once after Post Graduate.
    3. Once before Post Graduate and once after Post Graduate
      However those who achieve even higher qualification i.e Ph.D & FRCS/ Equivalent are eligible for additional chance.
      This chance is only applicable when there is requirement of Ph.D & FRCS/Equivalent candidates.
  2. Twice screened out at ISSB.
  3. PUF by AMB (permanently declared UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board).
  4. Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (Cannot request AMB).
  5. Declared unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those cleared by Appeal Medical Board.
  6. Tested within four months (120 days) gap of previous appearance (For Not Recommended candidates).
  7. Tested within one year validity period. (As validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ/NHQ Selection Board stands for one year).
  8. Withdrawn from any Academy/Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground.
  9. Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college/institution on disciplinary grounds.
  10. Dismissed/removed/debarred from Government Services including Armed forces.
  11. Married to a Foreign National.
  12. Females in family way.
  13. Concealment of information in the application form.
  14. Convicted by a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.
  15. Submitting tampered original academic certificate.
  16. Candidates holding dual nationality unless they surrender the same prior to commissioning / passing out or within period of 6 months of joining PN whichever is earlier.

Future Propects & Other Benefits

  1. Free Medical Treatment of self/family and parents.
  2. Family accommodation or house rent allownce and servant facility or allownce after marriage.
  3. Opportunities for visits/courses/ assignments abroad.
  4. 50% Concession for self/family on travel by Air/Railways.
  5. Subsidized education of children in Bahria Colleges / University / various professional institutions.
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