Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Following are the most asked questions in I.S.S.B interview

  1. G-8 Countries names?
  2. Darras Names between Pakistan & Afghanistan?
  3. Darra Names between Pakistan & China?
  4. D-8 Countries Names?
  5. SAARC Countries names and objective?
  6. Which country is situated in north of China?
  7. Where is Swiss Canal?
  8. Where is Panama Canal?
  9. Where is Dead Sea?
  10. Name of sea between America & Europe?
  11. Where is Cyprus?
  12. Where is Somalia?
  13. Who wrote National Anthem?
  14. What is leap year?
  15. Where is jabot?
  16. In which direction is Arabia sea from Pakistan?
  17. Slogan of Pakistan Army?
  18. What is Green Peace?
  19. Which country has no written constitution?
  20. When Pakistan declared itself an atomic power?
  21. What do you mean by B.P.?
  22. Name of chief justice of Pakistan?
  23. Why sky is blue?
  24. How many countries are in O.I.C?
  25. How many countries are in U.N.O?
  26. What is a budget?
  27. What is senate?
  28. Name of three countries in south Africa?
  29. What is L.O.C?
  30. Which is the biggest boundary of Pakistan?
  31. What is K.R.L?
  32. Name of five cities of Baluchistan?
  33. What is CTBT?
  34. Where is khanki Beraj?
  35. Why red color is is a symbol of danger?
  36. Where is Gobi desert?
  37. Who is information minister of Pakistan?
  38. What is the name of line between India and China?
  39. Where is Panama?
  40. What do you mean by GTR?
  41. Name of interior minister of India?
  42. Name of interior minister of USA?
  43. Names of five countries of Europe?
  44. Where is Chechnya?
  45. Where is Kharan?
  46. Name the biggest civil award of Pakistan?
  47. Name of highest battle field?
  48. Name of the capital of Holland?
  49. Where is Fiji Islands?
  50. Where is Kosovo?
  51. Army brigadier is equal to air force Rank?
  52. Name of three military awards of Pakistan?
  53. Name of the javelin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ?
  54. Weight of on moon of any thing is?
  55. Name of the sward of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
  56. Name of general secretary of UNO?
  57. Area of Turkey?
  58. What is difference between sea and ocean?
  59. Which country is situated in north of Iran?
  60. What is red cliff?
  61. Height of Mina-e-Pakistan?
  62. Who constructed G.T road?
  63. Name of famous sea ports in the world?
  64. Who was first queen of subcontinent?
  65. First Nobel price for physics?
  66. Number of members of Security Council?
  67. The biggest island of Japan?
  68. Population of Pakistan?
  69. Where is Maldives?
  70. Who is the football champion?
  71. First president of SAARC?
  72. Pakistan resolution date and place?
  73. Who were Ali Bros.
  74. Who built red fort?
  75. Who was the first President of Pakistan?
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