Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

The personality test consists Pointer and Picture Story Writing to analyze writing capabilities as well as personality attributes of the candidates. Candidates attempting this test make common mistakes which they can avoid easily with their efforts. Candidates should have an idea about attempting this test in order to avoid those miner mistakes.

Pointer Story Writing

In this test, candidates are provided with a short and incomplete line. The candidate should start writing their story from the last word of the line. Most probably a short story of around 6 to 7 lines is required.

Important Topics of Pointer Story Writing

  1. She was alone at home and suddenly the door was knocked….
  2. Once he makes any decision, he never….
  3. They played very well but….
  4. In the middle of night, she called someone….
  5. For the success, failure is…..
  6. My mother called me and asked me to….
  7. She was walking beside the road and suddenly…
  8. Her father didn’t allow her for….
  9. Making promises is the…..
  10. Those who steel are…..

Picture Story Writing

In this test, candidates are a picture on the multi-media. The picture may depicts anything likewise doctors, accident, racing, sleeping etc. The candidate should write about the picture within the allocated time frame.

Important Picture Story Writing

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Important Tips for Pointer/Picture Story Writing

  • First read some of the written stories to have an idea about writing and context.(Visit various FB Groups and Pages for it)
  • Allocated time for writing picture and pointer story writing is 4 minutes.
  • First 30 seconds should be utilized for brain-storming and grasping ideas about writing.
  • Next 3.30 minutes should be utilized to write and complete your writing within time.
  • Use proper grammar.

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