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Situation Reaction Test | Verbal Reasoning

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Situation Reaction Test

To each of the following questions, four probable answers have been given. Select the most appropriate alternative as the answer.

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You are a guest at a dinner. The host asks you to take one more chapati after your stomach is full. You would

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No risk no gain. You

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After your graduation, you are offered a well paid government job. However, your friend says that have to bribe to get the appointment order. You

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You have made some silly mistakes which have been pointed out to you. You will

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You are playing football in a park. When you kick the ball, it strikes and breaks the window pane of a nearby house. You would

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Your bathroom tap is leaking and is a constant source of irritating noise. You would

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Your friend has not invited you to his marriage party. You will :

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You are interviewed for a new job. Which of the following questions is most important to you?

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You are moving across the road on a scooter when you observe that two boys on a bike snatch a lady’s gold chain and ride away. You would

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While you board a train at the station, you find a suitcase beneath your seat. You would :

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